29 June 2010

Brunch and Dinner

6 eggs
4 turkey bacons
2 bites of cabbage soup (enough to learn coconut oil does not go with my cabbage soup)
1 cup apple sauce
2 handfuls of cashews/almonds

2 breasts of heavy cream+mushroom chicken (really good)
3 handfuls nuts
2 strawberries
3 cantelope
green beans
broccolli with butter

28 June 2010

Dinner and afternoon snack

4 handfuls of cashew/almonds
7 Small meatballs (forgot they have bread in them)
1 chicken breast
2oz. deli ham
big plate of salad with cesaer dressing

Feel OK. Got really hungry around 5. Still a little hungry but I really lean on those treat tokens. I can turn down the ice cream or sour patch kids now because I know I will have some later. So I don't feel deprived. We are really going low budget right now getting ready for vacation.


1 avacado
1 tilapia fillet cooked in coconut oil
2 cups apple sauce with cinnamon
plate of salad with cesaer dressing
4oz deli ham
3 stalks celery


handful of cashew/almond mix
2 cups broccolli + T. Smart Balance
2 tilapia filets
3 Strawberries
1 medium avacado

Hang clean WOD

Globo Gym Pet peeve of the Day: Why must people use the squat rack to rest their 55Lb. Barbell? I'm spottin a dude's bench so I can pass gas in his face if I have to wait for him to finish up his bicep curls so I can squat, when he could very easily lay the bar anywhere else, and there's already a bar there, and they don't rack when they're done! Oh! I am so mad I am writing run-off sentences as grotesque as the stench perpetrators will face.

M.E. Hang Power Clean 3-3-3-1-1-1 155/165/185/205/215/225 miss
Having trouble catching. I am racking this standing straight up. Had to use wraps. My finger still is strong enough after surgery to grip.

How many rounds can you complete in 15:00?

3 HSPU 6 Pull-ups 9 KTE 12 Dumbbell Swings
Hands not supporting me on HPSU so I racked 185 at nose level and shoulder pressed. For pullups I used the same bar, wrist wraps, and my legs to complete.
Did 5 rounds plus 2 presses Awesome workout.

26 June 2010


You'd think losing my father at 58 and my uncle at 52 to heart disease and diabetes would be motivation enough, but I still haven't reversed my eating habits. I have an incredible appetite that becomes super-mega-ultra-zord bad when I eat carbs, and I can't stay away from carbs.
Yesterday, I was listening to my ipod for the first time in a month. A staple of my podcasts is The Paleolithic Solution by Robb Wolf. I really buy the logic behind Paleo living. I put the buds in my ears and enjoyed a great episode that got super-mega-ultrazord (hitherto written as SMUZ)awesome when a question I emailed him showed up on his podcast. SMUZ AWESOME!!!
SO now I am pumped! Robb gave me some suggestions, and tells me what my wife will do to my pants if I stick to it :) So I want to take this motivational momentum and extend it by showing it to the world. The goal is stick to my plan as described in the title. I've got some barriers, namely; a hurt finger that might require surgery again, low confidence, time, and money. But lose or fail. I'm gonna document. So you will get to see me transform from a fatty to a fit monster or not.
Thanks Robb Wolf for all the information and for the inspiration. I plan to write my current stats and goals soon.