24 January 2011

Sickness can really mess with your performance

SO This was the end of a week with no sleep, too much carbs, not enough water, and no lifting. So here are the results

Squat: 455 yuck
Bridges: 15x1 80 lb dumbells
One legged press: 3 plates each side for 3x7
Glute ham raise: 3 x 8 Actually getting close to not having to push off the floor
Sled Drag: Using pulleys and 104 lbs. 20 feet x 5 x 3
Calve machine 3x too failure.

17 January 2011

ME back squat

Back squat 515 (felt strong and fast)
bridges 2 x 15 135 lbs
circuit Glute ham raises x 12 pistols onto 10 in box x6 2 rounds
3 rounds of calf raises to failure and sled pulls using gyms pulley system at 96 kgs 5 reps

Felt really good. Following Chris Mason's template from the Crossfit journal and going to walk when I can and replace Saturdays WOD with spin.

Back to the blog

Well I have a new plan. I have tried to be paleo and just don't have the will power. I am very convinced that it is the optimal way to eat, I just struggle sticking to it. For now I am just trying to get in the slow process of making better eating decisions. Of realizing there are better substitutions for the foods that are loaded with calories, and that all these mind games and incentives just make me go crazy. So when I have a sweet tooth I'll have a ton of fruit or some hard candy or popcorn, or eat what i want. The hope is that I eventually will be like my wife who eats what she wants but doesn't go crazy on it. She doesn't think, "well if I am going to cheat I am going to go all the way since this may be the last time in 3 months I have a donut, so I am going to eat a bunch and be disappointed because they didn't have the flavor i wanted, and so let's go back tomorrow." If I decrease the amount of calories I eat I'll lose weight. So I just need to work on filling up with the good stuff, and find better ways to satiate my terrible cravings.
By the way I have found the weightloss quaker Oats to be a very satisfying desert for me.
I love it.