24 August 2010

Lower Body day

Squats 10 reps 225/275/295/315
One leg Sled 6 reps 3 plates
The exercise where you lower your body prostrate with your feet locked. 4 x 8
Killed the calves

23 August 2010

Change up

I know, I am ever changing my mind on stuff. I had a talk with my wife last night wherein I realized that despite working really hard, and eating, for the most part, well. I haven't been losing weight. I don't know if the high intesity multivariable gig is meant for my body. Normally, when I workout, my Kalama genes kick in and in 3-4weeks I am very strong and my body composition changes quickly. This has not been the case with my adventures in Crossfitting type workouts.

I want to make it clear that I think CF is amazing. They are awesome, and will get people sick fit. I don't know if I just am so metabolically deranged that I don't get the results I should, or what. My confidence in the science and philosophies of training Crossfit style are as strong as ever. My faith is what has kept me going strong with it for some time. I have loved the endurance it has given me, and it has been a blast kicking my own butt and varying my workouts. However, I haven't changed my body composition, and to me, right now, that is priority. I will be back to CF/BLack box as soon as I look a little hotter.

So I am going OG. back to the days with dad, back to what took years of lifting and coaching. Back to what I know works for my body. My body responds best to a Bodybuilding/powerlifting protocol mixed with some cardio and athletic movements (oly lifts, basketball, sport). I can put on mass and initiate hypertrophy like no other. So I that is what I am going to do.

I started this morning and felt AWESOME! it felt so good to get a pump again-to look swoll. I could feel the adrenaline and felt at home spending a good 90 minutes torturing my upperbody and taking it to failure.

Sample split:

Mon-Upperbody. Powerlifting movement, push and pull (supplementary unilateral), more supplementary lifts

Tues- Same with lowerbody

Wed- light long swim.

Thursday_ long cardio

Friday-Oly lifts/speed upper and lower/Whatever needs work/maybe a Metcon

Saturday- 90 minute spin class.

21 August 2010

Snatch Workout

Snatch 3/3/3/1/1/1 got up to 170
its a balance thing

AMRAP 15 minutes
5 cleans, 135 lbs
10 box pistols
15 double unders

I got four rounds. Wasn't tired but they were actually double-unders. Did another round then some more pistols and cleans for fun.

18 August 2010

Floor Press

Floor Press 3/3/3/1/1/1

3 rounds

185 clean and jerk x 6
burpess x 10
pull-ups, jumping x 6


16 August 2010

dt and front squat

Front Squat 5/5/5/3/3/3
185/205/225/245/back hurt went to hack squat for 5 at 360 then 450
Romanian Dl 5X5 225 pounds

DT 5 rounds
9 dl
6 power cleans
3 presse

13 minutes

11 August 2010

Lower Body day

Hit the front Squats 5/5/5/3/3/3
135/185/205/225/245 f/ f My back just wasn't holding up. So I went to hack squat machine did a set of 5 with 270 then 5 with 360


20-16-10 db snatches and pullups (assisted) 9:53

Rode bike to work (3 miles)

10 August 2010

yesterdays workout

maxed at 155
I know it's despicable but I am actually feeling good about my technique.

15-9-6-6 7:41
95 lb overhead squat
assisted pullups

08 August 2010

I'm back and as fat as ever but much buffer than before

ALright. Sorry that was a crazy week. But honestly not too bad. Just a tad too riddled with donuts and way to carby. But you know what? My week away from counting my cals and eating Paleo taught me a few things and helped me come to realizations that could help me make some permanent changes.
It taught me that I really do feel like crap when I don't eat right. I am not sure why I then keep eating, but it is clear to me that I do not run well on simple carbs and wheat. I've felt so tired and lazy.
I also realized that if I do ever decide to never again eat junk, it wouldn't be that bad. I like bad food, but for the most part don't really crave it, ice cream, chinese food and pizza being the exceptions, Oh and Chocolate. But I know that I actually am content keeping grains, gluten, and especially gluten out of my diet. I enjoy healthy food, and can live without the other stuff. I know that sounds funny, but I honestly did think that there was just no way I could live without the cereal and bread and pasta. The cool part about this is, contrary to normal Nainoan patterns, I'm not all psyched out on it. If I want some pasta. I'll go get some gluten free stuff and indulge every now and then.
So onward I go. Keeping up the fight, and getting better at fighting. My plan is to continue to calorie track. I like seeing what I eat. There is no sugar coating raw data. I am also going to be strict about avoiding grain and legumes. If I am going to cheat it will be on my terms and as free of this stuff as possible.
My workouts have been consistent. This week I put a lot of time in the gym with 1 strength day, 1 metcon day, 1 long swim, 1 spin class, and a gnarly row session with Tara. Feel really good about the direction my exercise is going in. My body is feeling good except for my back which got tweaked from that deadlift pistol circuit.

29 July 2010

meals 7/27 Why WHy why

I'll tell you why I ate that danged Cinnabon cereal. I didn't eat enough throughout the day and then had tortillas and cheese-delicious enchiladas that have no place in my Emealz low carb plan. Because I felt like I had already blown it with dinner and was still hungry. The funny thing is that it didn't even feel like a huge temptation. It was almost like I just ate it because I poured it out and didn't want to waste it. Sounds stupid, but I think I am getting better turning the bad stuff away.

28 July 2010

800m bear complex

Incline bench 5-5-3-3-3 ended at 315 with a little bit of a spot. Weak sauce

Modified bear complex: 6 rounds

5 dips
5 dumbell hang cleans
5 db thrusters db totaled 140lbs

On the thrusters of the 6th round I kept getting stuck on the bottom. so I knocked out 5 more dips and stopped at 21:30 then ran 1/2 mile in 7:00-despicable I know.


I like this ratio. Good day of eating. Feel a little sweet toothy now, but I think I can be good.

27 July 2010

7/27 Roy

Went to Crossfit Hanford with Nick to do a scaled version of Roy

15 deadlifts at 225
15 box jumps 18 in.
10 pullups, jumping

4 rounds in 16:00

Food log 7/27

26 July 2010


Was doing great today then just got really stressed and read lab report that showed I may have fatty liver. Also looks like I might be having too much protein. This is a problem because I feel like it is such an important part of me getting in shape.

squat and skig thrusts

5x5 maxed out at 355

Skigs 3x5 315

Skg thrusts really hurt.

21 July 2010

clean and HSPU

I messed up the Rx was to do seven rounds I thought I was supppose to do as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in seven minutes

3 powercleans 195
4 Handstand Push ups( I just climbed my feet up the wall. I was about a foot from wall so not all my weight was over my hands.)

Did 3 rounds and 2 HSPU in seven minutes. I finished up the round then did a fourth at my own pace.

Listened to Episode 30 and 31 of Paleolithic Solution. I am really convinced that MEBB is a fantastic way for me to go. I look forward to getting back to it. I will stick with the main site programming, for now as prescribed, but I will definitely modify. After at least a month or so I am going to probably go back to MEBB for 3 months after which I will do my own programming-which I am very excited about. Then I might hit a smolov cycle or something.
I am particularly convinced that periodization is important, and that you must build upon technique, then volume, and then intensity.
I got some confidence today realizing that I have worked out for a long time, and I know how to get in shape. Rather than going religious on one program I am going to look at the tools and technologies presented to me and use them to get where I want to be.

21 July calorie count

I can't wait to stop counting calories and just live. When I do I will still log but with pics or something. But I will tell you that counting these calories is an eye opener. I am learning a lot.

I did great today until dinner. We waited too long to eat and so I was starved.
Probably need to check the peanut Butter and raisins.

20 July 2010

Feeling much better about my eating

7/20 workout

Awesome workout from the games. Having done it I am so astonished at what these guys at the games can do.
Complete as many rounds as possible in seven minutes of:
7 315 lb deadlift
20 meter Sprint
14 One legged squats on box using pole for help
42 Single-unders
20 meter Sprint

2 rounds.
Took a rest and did another round.
The athletes who did this workout at the games are amazing!!!

19 July 2010

Like the waves of the sea

Decision changed. Speaking to my wife I decided to go with the main site programming but do it BrandX style, or scaled back. I am doing this for a couple of reasons. One, my wife got me the gift of being with a trainer and I should listen to my trainer. Two, my main goal is general fitness and weight loss. Maybe the fact that I am so comfortable with MEBB shows that I should step away from it for some great results. Anyway, I am willing to sacrifice some strength to get fit and I will burn more calories doing 3days on 1 off split. Today I did MEBB. Here it is:
M.E. Hang Power Snatch5-5-5-3-3 135

Rest 5:00

5 Rounds for time:

5 Toes to Bar
10 DB Snatch (5/5) 55lbs
15 Push Ups

10:08 Coleman got 10:15

18 July 2010

diet log 7/18

This is looking so bad that I think I am ready to start eating right.

17 July 2010


So today I got to use my wife's burthday gift to me and I did my first Crossfit workout in an affiliate with a trainer. I LOVED IT. Nick, my trainer, is a stud and led me through:
4 rounds of
8 Clean and Jerks 155lb.
15 wall balls with 20 lb medicine balls
25 situps with ab mats
50 jump rope jumps

We rested in between rounds. Nick tells me that I might want to reconsider doing the mainsite programming of Crossfit versus MEBB. I told him that I always felt I was spinning my wheels and killing myself. He taught me that I wasn't scaling correctly and showed me some websites to help me scale back. So I have added Crossfit Hanford's site to my blog. I am going to consider Nick's input. It is hard. I really like the MEBB format.


Well I know I am off the wagon but it really helps to see the actual calories I eat. Now I know how far off the wafon I am and why i am fat. Actually I am surprised that I am not fatter. You're suppose to weight 1/10 of your daily calories. I am eating like a 380 lber. Now that Indian dinner was just an estimate.

16 July 2010

lunch and dinner

That's 1910
Holy Cow.
Add 452 for late night rice and ice cream snacks.
Total of 3147 calories. Ouch!

Logging is definitely a good thing.
What's crazy is I am still really hungry. I think the protein shake with milk set me off in the morning and ricegot me for lunch and dinner, and the ice cream as well.


M.E. Supine Bench 5x5 ended with 315 only got four reps

Rest 5 Minutes

Your Time to Complete
7 Rounds of
~ Hang Clean & Jerk x 2 Reps (Loading 155 lbs)
~ Clapping Push Up 4 Reps
~ Strict Pull-ups 6 Reps (assisted)
~ Box Jumps 8 Reps
~ AB Mat Sit ups 10 Reps


Wow! When you track calories sometimes you can be shocked at how much you eat. My first goal is 290. Right now I weigh 333. So I want to aim for 2900 calories. I know this isn't paleo. I am gunning for it. I will get there. I think I am going to need whey protein post workouts because I need a lot of protein and I am sick of eggs for breakfast and because whey doesn't have purines and thus shouldn't trigger my gout.

I'm back and fatter than ever. 335

I apologize to my follower for dropping the ball here. Honestly, I fell off the wagon on vacation, couldn't get back on, and was embarrassed about showing my lack of self control on the blog. So I am making a commitment. For now I am going to commit to writing everything I eat, good or bad, for 2 weeks. SO that is until the 30th. I liked the token thing. I am out for this month, but I am sure I will fall. I know that sounds pessimistic but if I can just focus on tracking my calories right now I will be on the right track. the focus is getting my workouts banging and tracking my eating.

07 July 2010

Oh, The Horror

Holy cow! Vacation has been tough. I managed to stay paleo with just a couple miffs and treats until grandma Call's dinner. An amazing spread of chicken haystacks on rice with fresh baked dinner rolls with amazing jam, and brownies with ice cream. Pure Neolithic ecstacy. So that was my fourth token, but worse than that it begat an attitude that staying on track during vacation is just too tough and that I'll just have to be strict when not on vacation. So therafter unraveled a series of unfortunate feasts; all culminating at last night's Denny's visit with all-u-can-eat pancakes and a grand slam. I am even more embarrassed to post that I have been unable to get to a GYM. I did play some ultimate frisbee and capture the flag.
There is no better sport than capture the flag. I proclaim this with absolute confidence, because previously I had determined football was the greatest sport and have discovered there is one greater. It is hard to believe that I would ever have to defend football as greater than all sports except capture the flag, but I understand there are those who do not agree. Football is better than all other sports, besides capture the flag, because of the specialization. If you are small, cool, go be a db or kicker. If you're a tub of partially hydrogenated fat, sweet, you'll make a great lineman. If you're a loon who likes to run headlong into stuiff, rock-on, be a line backer. Every team within a team works together in a mock war reminiscent and preparatory to battle. Where strategies still evolve and weaker teams can still defeat better teams with it. Beautiful.
Even more beautiful; capture the flag where specialization, teamwork, and strategy are even more paramount. I had the most fun time playing with and observing, from jail, 5 yr. old girls become liberating heroes, grandpas showing quick enough bursts of speed to capture swift, young men, and endless ninja impersonators using wit to sneak and deceive. And strategies, where else is strategy so paramount, evolving, and improvised? Thanks Chanda and Chandler for such a fun chance to run around, play, and do battle with family I love.

Isagenex shake

03 July 2010

July 2nd and third

Unable to find gym. To crazy a day anyways. Will hopefully workout Saturday.

3 cups watermelon
nectarine, 1 cup cherries, apple (feeling Hungry)
footlong subway salad with chicken, mayo and dressing
Epic Treats
chicken salad with ranch dressing

Epic Breakfast. Treat Token

01 July 2010

July 1 traveling

No breakfast: Left me really hungry around 1
cup blueberries
1lb cherries
cafe rio fired chicken salad -tortilla - beans - rice. still with dressing, guac, and cheese.
2T. PB with raisins. I know PB isn't all the way Paleo but it is so good.

13/4 cup almonds
More cherries
2 HB eggs
2oz beef jerky
1oz cheese

3 wendy's cheesburgers - bun
1/2 carne asada burrito - tortilla
3T. peanut butter
3 celery stalks

Lo and Behold. GOUT ATTACK! I feel one coming on. Hoping the Colchicine kills it.

vacation 30th of June

We traveled o Vegas so I was unable to get to computer

Work out:
M.E. Single Leg Squat 3-3-3-1-1-1 (reps per leg)
135/155/165/175/185 rt leg not left Having strength and balancing issues withthe left leg. I already favor rt and gout kept me off of left leg for a month. Very unimpressed by performance, but I know my right leg could do much more.

Rest 5:00

4 Rounds for Time:
500 Row
12 DB Push Press Loading equals 50% of bodyweight (did 65lbs each Db)
15:32 great workout!!!

Breakfast6 eggs
1 avacado
2 bacon
3 strawberries

Honey mustard chicken wrap without tortillas
bacon ranch salad, grilled chicken
8oz smoked almonds

traveling snacks:
1.5 50cent bags of sunflower seeds

dinner: (dennys)
2 eggs
2 egg whites
2 bacon
2 turkey bacon
2 sausuage
fruit cup (grapes and bananas)

felt hungry still. I think Salt sets off my appetite. Had way too much salt. But I think that might be inevitable while traveling.

late night munchies;
the cheese and meat off of 4 pizzas (not Paleo, but low-carb therefore not a treat)
3 T. peanut butter with raisins (PB a legume, but not a treat)

29 June 2010

Brunch and Dinner

6 eggs
4 turkey bacons
2 bites of cabbage soup (enough to learn coconut oil does not go with my cabbage soup)
1 cup apple sauce
2 handfuls of cashews/almonds

2 breasts of heavy cream+mushroom chicken (really good)
3 handfuls nuts
2 strawberries
3 cantelope
green beans
broccolli with butter

28 June 2010

Dinner and afternoon snack

4 handfuls of cashew/almonds
7 Small meatballs (forgot they have bread in them)
1 chicken breast
2oz. deli ham
big plate of salad with cesaer dressing

Feel OK. Got really hungry around 5. Still a little hungry but I really lean on those treat tokens. I can turn down the ice cream or sour patch kids now because I know I will have some later. So I don't feel deprived. We are really going low budget right now getting ready for vacation.


1 avacado
1 tilapia fillet cooked in coconut oil
2 cups apple sauce with cinnamon
plate of salad with cesaer dressing
4oz deli ham
3 stalks celery


handful of cashew/almond mix
2 cups broccolli + T. Smart Balance
2 tilapia filets
3 Strawberries
1 medium avacado

Hang clean WOD

Globo Gym Pet peeve of the Day: Why must people use the squat rack to rest their 55Lb. Barbell? I'm spottin a dude's bench so I can pass gas in his face if I have to wait for him to finish up his bicep curls so I can squat, when he could very easily lay the bar anywhere else, and there's already a bar there, and they don't rack when they're done! Oh! I am so mad I am writing run-off sentences as grotesque as the stench perpetrators will face.

M.E. Hang Power Clean 3-3-3-1-1-1 155/165/185/205/215/225 miss
Having trouble catching. I am racking this standing straight up. Had to use wraps. My finger still is strong enough after surgery to grip.

How many rounds can you complete in 15:00?

3 HSPU 6 Pull-ups 9 KTE 12 Dumbbell Swings
Hands not supporting me on HPSU so I racked 185 at nose level and shoulder pressed. For pullups I used the same bar, wrist wraps, and my legs to complete.
Did 5 rounds plus 2 presses Awesome workout.

26 June 2010


You'd think losing my father at 58 and my uncle at 52 to heart disease and diabetes would be motivation enough, but I still haven't reversed my eating habits. I have an incredible appetite that becomes super-mega-ultra-zord bad when I eat carbs, and I can't stay away from carbs.
Yesterday, I was listening to my ipod for the first time in a month. A staple of my podcasts is The Paleolithic Solution by Robb Wolf. I really buy the logic behind Paleo living. I put the buds in my ears and enjoyed a great episode that got super-mega-ultrazord (hitherto written as SMUZ)awesome when a question I emailed him showed up on his podcast. SMUZ AWESOME!!!
SO now I am pumped! Robb gave me some suggestions, and tells me what my wife will do to my pants if I stick to it :) So I want to take this motivational momentum and extend it by showing it to the world. The goal is stick to my plan as described in the title. I've got some barriers, namely; a hurt finger that might require surgery again, low confidence, time, and money. But lose or fail. I'm gonna document. So you will get to see me transform from a fatty to a fit monster or not.
Thanks Robb Wolf for all the information and for the inspiration. I plan to write my current stats and goals soon.