23 August 2010

Change up

I know, I am ever changing my mind on stuff. I had a talk with my wife last night wherein I realized that despite working really hard, and eating, for the most part, well. I haven't been losing weight. I don't know if the high intesity multivariable gig is meant for my body. Normally, when I workout, my Kalama genes kick in and in 3-4weeks I am very strong and my body composition changes quickly. This has not been the case with my adventures in Crossfitting type workouts.

I want to make it clear that I think CF is amazing. They are awesome, and will get people sick fit. I don't know if I just am so metabolically deranged that I don't get the results I should, or what. My confidence in the science and philosophies of training Crossfit style are as strong as ever. My faith is what has kept me going strong with it for some time. I have loved the endurance it has given me, and it has been a blast kicking my own butt and varying my workouts. However, I haven't changed my body composition, and to me, right now, that is priority. I will be back to CF/BLack box as soon as I look a little hotter.

So I am going OG. back to the days with dad, back to what took years of lifting and coaching. Back to what I know works for my body. My body responds best to a Bodybuilding/powerlifting protocol mixed with some cardio and athletic movements (oly lifts, basketball, sport). I can put on mass and initiate hypertrophy like no other. So I that is what I am going to do.

I started this morning and felt AWESOME! it felt so good to get a pump again-to look swoll. I could feel the adrenaline and felt at home spending a good 90 minutes torturing my upperbody and taking it to failure.

Sample split:

Mon-Upperbody. Powerlifting movement, push and pull (supplementary unilateral), more supplementary lifts

Tues- Same with lowerbody

Wed- light long swim.

Thursday_ long cardio

Friday-Oly lifts/speed upper and lower/Whatever needs work/maybe a Metcon

Saturday- 90 minute spin class.

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