08 August 2010

I'm back and as fat as ever but much buffer than before

ALright. Sorry that was a crazy week. But honestly not too bad. Just a tad too riddled with donuts and way to carby. But you know what? My week away from counting my cals and eating Paleo taught me a few things and helped me come to realizations that could help me make some permanent changes.
It taught me that I really do feel like crap when I don't eat right. I am not sure why I then keep eating, but it is clear to me that I do not run well on simple carbs and wheat. I've felt so tired and lazy.
I also realized that if I do ever decide to never again eat junk, it wouldn't be that bad. I like bad food, but for the most part don't really crave it, ice cream, chinese food and pizza being the exceptions, Oh and Chocolate. But I know that I actually am content keeping grains, gluten, and especially gluten out of my diet. I enjoy healthy food, and can live without the other stuff. I know that sounds funny, but I honestly did think that there was just no way I could live without the cereal and bread and pasta. The cool part about this is, contrary to normal Nainoan patterns, I'm not all psyched out on it. If I want some pasta. I'll go get some gluten free stuff and indulge every now and then.
So onward I go. Keeping up the fight, and getting better at fighting. My plan is to continue to calorie track. I like seeing what I eat. There is no sugar coating raw data. I am also going to be strict about avoiding grain and legumes. If I am going to cheat it will be on my terms and as free of this stuff as possible.
My workouts have been consistent. This week I put a lot of time in the gym with 1 strength day, 1 metcon day, 1 long swim, 1 spin class, and a gnarly row session with Tara. Feel really good about the direction my exercise is going in. My body is feeling good except for my back which got tweaked from that deadlift pistol circuit.

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